Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

Key Terms Associated With Custom Signs You Should Know Before Ordering

Lisa Hale

Regardless of what type of business it is you run, custom signs are a crucial aspect of advertising and marketing. If you are like a lot of business owners, a custom sign shop is not within reach locally and you will turn to a reputable online company for the signs you need. Before you place an order for a new sign designed to your specifications, there are a few key terms you should expect to encounter.

Age In - This is a phrase used to refer to the amount of time it takes for a specific neon sign to reach its complete light output. This is an important specification to look for when you are ordering to make sure you do not end up with an amazing sign that takes way too long to show its brilliance.

Ambient Lighting - When you order a custom sign, ambient lighting will be an important factor to consider. Ambient lighting is natural light that could affect the visibility of your sign. If you order a sign to display outdoors, the sunlight would be considered ambient lighting that could interfere.

Design Intent Diagram - If you contact a custom sign designer for help, you may get a reply in the form of a design intent diagram. This is basically a drawing showing you what the proposed sign could look like when it is finished.

Landscape Format - If you want a sign longer than it is wide, you may hear your request referred to as a landscape sign. This is only a name referring to the shape of the sign and not the contents or where it will be situated, which is a common misconception.

Light Luminance - This phrase may be used to refer to how far the lighting used for a sign will travel and remain visible. Signs with high luminance work well when you have a higher than usual elevation for its position because the light will travel and remain visible in spite of changes in the atmosphere.

Perceived Size - If you want a sign that displays a specific object, product, or logo, perceived size may come up during ordering. This is the size an onlooker will perceive an item to be in spite of its actual size.

Custom signs, like those from A 2 Z Signs, are an incredible way to attract the right kind of attention to your business. make sure you understand the terminology used in the business and you will be much better equipped to place your order and get what you want.


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