Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

Five Loud, Bold Fonts That Are Great for Banner Signs

Lisa Hale

If you're going to go through the effort of having a banner sign made for your business, then you want to make sure it gets its message across loud and clear. These bold, boisterous fonts have plenty of attitude and are thus perfect for your banner sign.

HDV Comic Serif

This font has a friendly attitude, but it's certainly bold enough to get the point across. Its rounded letters may remind you of Comic Sans, but the addition of serifs (the little lines on the edges of the letters) make it look much more serious than this often-mocked counterpart. HDV Comic Serif is a good general-purpose font that would look in-place on a banner sign for most any type of business.

Architect's Daughter

If you own an artistic business, such as a hair salon, boutique, or jewelery store, Architect's Daughter offers a good balance between readable and laid-back. It certainly jumps off the page and grab attention like a banner sign font should, but it's not as forceful as the other fonts on the list. Its handwriting-style letters feature casually sloping lines and a mixture of curves and upright strokes.


Do you want your banner ad to literally scream "read me"? Franchise is like the aggressive cousin of the font world. Its block-style letters are incredibly bold, and very straight up and down. It will remind you of sports and toughness and would be an ideal font for an outdoors-related business.

Legend M54

If you want bold, upright lettering with a little more character than usual, try Legend M54. Little horizontal strokes in the middle of each letter make this font readily recognizable. The letters are narrow and bold, and they're easy to read from a distance. Legend M54 would be a great font to advertise a video game store, computer shop, or other techy business, thanks to its computer-age look.


Strong and angular, Nevis is another versatile font that would look stunning on most any banner sign. It looks inviting and calm, but it impossible to look past. Nevis is a sans-serif font, but it has a classic look that makes it easy to coordinate with the other fonts you may already be using to advertise your business.

Make sure you pay close attention to the font you use when designing your banner sign. All of the fonts above are impossible to look past—they grab attention with their unique nature and bold lines. To get some other ideas, talk to your sign designer, one like Genesis Signs, to see what past customers in your same industry have ordered.


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