Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

3 Ways Your Used Vinyl Banners Can Help Your Community

Lisa Hale

If your company uses vinyl banners to advertise events or promote new products and services, you've probably been wondering how best to dispose of them when you get new ones from providers, such as Davis Sign Co. Vinyl doesn't break down in landfills, so it's important to find ways to reuse or recycle old banners. The good news is that these big, flexible sheets still have plenty of life in them.

Announce local events on a budget

Schools, charities, and religious organizations always need signs to advertise their fundraisers and other activities. The back of your banner can easily be converted into a billboard to support the cause.

For a more personal impact, the banner may be cut into poster-sized sheets for printing. Grommets at the corners make it possible to attach the posters to walls, posts, or trees without using tacks or staples.

After the event, the used posters can be given to donors as premiums or made into tote bags.

Support the arts

Schools and recreation centers always have tight budgets. Your banner can serve as material for art classes and group projects.

Drawings. Individual sheets of vinyl banner are ideal for drawings made with permanent marker. Students can decide whether to use the plain side, or incorporate the partial design on the front into their project. The artwork can be rolled up for easy transport or attached to a backing for a class collage.

Sculptures. Pieces of vinyl can be cut into whimsical shapes and used with other found materials. Using glue, staples, or tacks, students can turn your old banner into the leaves on a tree, a villain's cape, or a unicorn's mane.

Wall murals. The blank side of a large mural is ideal as the canvas for a group art project. Flexible paints that adhere to the vinyl will result in a painting that can be moved or even rolled for storage. The result is a wall mural that doesn't damage the wall and can be used again and again.

Help keep students involved in school events

Banner material is an unusual alternative to traditional poster materials. The novelty will help keep students interested in school projects. Pride in their accomplishment will help keep them excited about education.

Offering your old banners to help the community doesn't just benefit charity, it helps your business. As long as the posters are in use, the murals are on display, or a student remembers the cool banner she had when she ran for class president, those sheets of vinyl are still advertising your company.


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