Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

Guide To Re-Ignite Your Business With An Exciting & Effective Sign

Lisa Hale

You want to attract the right customers, and you want your marketing to be exciting. Thankfully, you may get both by rethinking your marketing materials using the following guideline.

Colors And Your Business

The first thing that you should know is that around 85 percent of people think that color attracts them to a particular item. And around 80 percent of people consider color the key to recognize a brand. So, yes, taking the choice of color seriously is in your best interest. 

The following are just a few colors that experts note for their power to increase sales:

  • Red: This color excites and should help attract people to your sign. Make sure you do not use too much red, just a splash should be enough. Red is usually used to increase appetite or to highlight a sale.
  • Blue: This is a calming color that may signal a sense of tranquility and maturity. Blue is a safe color that shows clarity, so it can be successfully used for medicine, legality, technology, or information. 
  • Black: This is a professional color that should be used lightly. It offers a feeling of superiority or sophistication, which should work great for a business attempting to sell to a certain stratum of society. 

Simplicity and Your Sign

To be exciting, you should stay simple. Simplicity works because it creates a sense of mystery, especially if your sign doesn't spell everything out perfectly. 

Mystery makes possible customers a little more curious as to what you mean. Describing a food, for example, by naming it "Seventh Dog" could stir interest because it does not explain what it is. Commercial signs that over-explain things or are too busy are old ways of marketing your business.

You want your business to be fresh. So, opt for only 3 colors max and a simple statement. 

Shapes and Your Signs

The last thing you want to consider is the shape of your signs. Shapes can imply a lot. For example, a cross implies help or medicine. The following are just some shapes to consider:

  • Upright triangles or squares: These shapes help tell your customers that you are stable and stay focused.
  • Upside down triangles: Shapes like this one could make your sign seem daring or a little unstable.
  • Octagon: This shape may help customers stop to look at your sign because they may associate it with a stop sign. 

You can talk to your sign specialist about how specific you want your sign and what other options you may have available. But, as you can see, you can make an exciting and effective splash with the right sign.


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Signs Speak for Your Business

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