Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

3 Ways Custom Signs Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

Lisa Hale

Any entrepreneur starting a new business faces a big challenge with building brand recognition. Establishing a logo and company motto right away is one of the best ways to start building a brand people will remember. Once you have a good product to sell and your logo and motto created, the next important step you can take to build your business is to have custom signs built. There are three ways professional custom signs will help with branding.

A Custom Sign Outside Your Business Makes It Easy for Locals to Remember You

Custom signs cost a little more money than generic signs, but they also make your business more memorable. Anyone driving down the street that sees a unique sign identifying your business is much more likely to remember your logo versus a sign with block letters and little creativity. With your logo easily visible on a large sign on the street near your business, people will be able to recognize your location better and have a reminder of your brand every single day. Making your logo visible to the community is not only free advertising, but also it's the first step to making your brand memorable.

Custom Signs Can Be Built with a Lot More Features

Some businesses will buy a digital sign as well as a custom sign to put outside their business, but with a professional sign company, you can combine these features. Custom signs can come with multifaceted features that will make it easy to not only promote your logo, but also be able to advertise in a variety of ways. A custom sign can be built with all of the following unique features:

  • A variety of lighting, including neon lighting, and back lighting.
  • Digital signage that can be placed below the main sign and changed remotely for various sales.
  • Exchangeable sign holder below the main sign for smaller signs that need to be changed with brand related messaging.

Custom Signs Can Be Built in Novel Ways

Many professional sign companies are able to engineer signs that are unique in every way, not just the logo. If you have a design you want that's never been done structurally, you can help in the design process and build a sign that's artistically special to your company and brand. This type of sign can really get people talking about your business, and therefore make it worth the extra time and cost.

Ultimately, you'll have a lot of options and have more creative influence using a custom sign designer for your new business sign. The immediate impact on your brand recognition is worth the investment. For more information, contact a business such as Signs In One Day.


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