Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

3 Tips To Prevent Your Custom Vehicle Graphics From Damaging Your Car

Lisa Hale

Custom vehicle graphics are great for advertising your business or even just decorating your car. When used properly, you do not have to worry about them damaging your vehicle, but there are a few steps that you could follow if you want to keep your paint job in good shape. These are a few of the steps that you should follow to protect your vehicle.

1. Make Sure There Isn't a Waiting Period

If you have recently had a new paint job put on your vehicle, or if you have had to have body work done for any reason and have had any part of your car painted, you'll want to contact your body shop before you put custom vehicle graphics on your car. There might be a waiting period after your paint job before you can apply vehicle graphics. If you don't wait, you could risk damaging your new paint job and invalidating any warranty that the body shop might have given you on the work that it did.

2. Clean Your Car Well Before Installing

If you have been putting off washing your car, you should know that it's important to do it before installing your new vehicle graphics. If there is any debris on your vehicle when the graphic is installed, you have to worry about that debris being rubbed onto your paint job, potentially causing scratches. Plus, your car and its new graphic are sure to look a whole lot better if your car is sparkling clean.

3. Park in the Shade

It's best to avoid parking your car in the sun if you don't have to. The sun could actually cause your paint job to fade, which will become visible when the graphic is removed and the non-exposed paint is exposed. Plus, the sun can also cause your vehicle graphic to fade. Even though it should not be a problem for your car and your new graphic to be exposed to the sun for regular use, regularly parking your car in a sunny area can make a difference, so consider parking in the shade. As an added bonus, when you get in your car on a hot day, you're sure to be glad that you didn't park in the sun!

Overall, you should not have to worry about custom vehicle graphics damaging your car. Luckily, following these three tips should make a difference in protecting your vehicle so that you can enjoy your vehicle graphics.

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