Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

Cool Reasons To Use Backlit LED Signs In Your Retail Store

Lisa Hale

Signage is an important feature of any retail business, and there is no shortage of types of signs to pick from. One choice you are bound to come across when selecting signs for your retail store are backlit LED signs. Even though these signs are often passed over in favor of more traditional sign types, they can be incredibly advantageous in a retail setting. Check out these cool reasons why using backlit LED signs in your retail business setting is an excellent idea. 

Backlit LED signs demand consumer attention more so than traditional signage. 

Place a regular sign on the wall or over a store display, and customers may or may not take notice. But place an LED sign up instead that is set off with bright lighting, and you are bound to see customers paying attention. These signs are well designed and highly noticeable—even in areas where signs would normally be passed over. 

Backlit LED signs convey a modern appeal in your retail business. 

One of the easiest ways to revamp the inside of your business and give it a more modern, fresh appeal is by redoing the signage. Adding modern backlit LED signs will definitely send out a modern ambiance in your retail space. The precision-cut acrylic lettering set against lighting colors of your choice makes it easy to convey a certain message to communicate to shoppers, which is preferred in a modern store setting for sure. 

Backlit LED signs make it easy to highlight specific brands, store sections, or bargains. 

One of the greatest advantages of backlit LED signs is the fact that they are so highly customizable. You can have the sign etched in pretty much whatever shape or design you want, with whatever wording you choose. If your store is going to start carrying a certain brand of merchandise, you could have a sign created in the same lettering as the brand logo. If you have a particular area of your store where clearance or bargain merchandise is situated, the LED sign can attract attention from a great distance away. You could even highlight specific areas of the store with these signs so customers can find their way to the things they need. 

In the end, there are a lot of good reasons why your retail business should have at least a few backlit LED signs. Talk to a sign distributor like Them Old Signs for more information or help to design the LED signs you need. 


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