Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

Ideas For Using Signs When You Open A New Store

Lisa Hale

If you're building a new store, the signs you put up can help you promote it and get customers ready for your grand opening. This requires a few different types of signs that you can arrange with the sign company you choose. Here are some ideas for signs for your new store.

Permanent Signs

Your store needs permanent signs that are easy to see from the road. The main sign should be large and able to light up at night if your store will be open in the evening. You might choose channel letters on the side of the building, a pole sign, or a lighted monument sign. All these mark the location of your store so shoppers can see you, and they advertise your location to drivers passing on the street. There will probably be local codes that regulate the type of permanent signs you have put up. These may restrict you to a certain size and type of sign as well as the sign's location. Be sure to check with your codes office before you begin planning the signs you'll use on your property. Also, the sign company you work with can guide you in the placement of your sign and the requirements for installing it such as adding electric hookups.

Temporary Signs

The opening of a new store is a great occasion to use temporary signs. Large vinyl banners are good for this because they are colorful and catch the eye. As your building is going up, people will be curious as to what kind of store it will be. You can hang a vinyl banner that announces your store will be coming soon so your potential customers can anxiously await your opening. You'll also want a sign for your grand opening. This sign may attract people who weren't aware of your store just because grand openings usually mean sales and special events. A grand opening is your chance to get people in your store and impress them so they return. Vinyl banners are great for grand openings, but you might also want flag signs and yard signs that push in the ground so you can line your property with them to attract attention.

You'll find uses for temporary signs when you have sales and for holidays, and since they're not too expensive you can change them as often as you like. However, a permanent sign is another matter since it's a bigger investment and is something you'll have to live with for a long time. A sign company can help you choose the right sign and design it properly so it complements your company and attracts customers.


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