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Signs Speak for Your Business

3 Types Of Markers For Your Wires And Cables

Lisa Hale

Wires and cables are playing an increasingly important role in modern business. Data that is transmitted via wires and cables connects companies with their vendors, customers, and employees. It's important that the electrical equipment housed within a company's office space is labeled correctly.

Proper markers will help facilitate the repair process and make upgrades a lot easier. You can choose from several different types of cable markers, so consider all your options before determining which cable markers are best suited to meet your company's labeling needs.

1. Identification Marker Plates

Marker plates are among the most versatile types of cable markers available on the market today. Most marker plates are constructed from durable nylon that is capable of withstanding exposure to temperature fluctuations and debris.

You can opt for marker plates that can be written on with permanent marker, or plates that are embossed with identifying information. Cable ties can them be used to affix the marker plates to electrical cables in either a horizontal or vertical position.

2. Tip Tags

If you have large cables or bundles of wire that need to be labeled, then you may want to consider using tip tag cable markers. A tip tag is a non-adhesive marker made from tear-resistant material.

Identifying information is printed on the tip tag, then the entire tag is laminated to protect the writing against the elements. Tip tags are designed to remain intact for long periods of time. This makes them the perfect option for cable or wire bundles that are hidden behind office walls.

3. Heat-Shrinkable Markers

Some of the most common types of cable markers in use today are heat-shrinkable markers. These markers are ordered from a specialized sign printing company, then shipped to an office location for installation.

Individual cables are placed inside the markers that display the corresponding identifying information, then a heat gun is used to shrink the markers into place on the cables. Heat shrinkable markers form to the exact shape of the cables they are attached to, ensuring that they will remain in place over time.

Any cables or wires that are running through your office need to be clearly marked for safety and convenience. Invest in cable markers from a company like Tech Products Inc that will allow you to easily read identifying information differentiating one cable or wire from another. Repairs will be completed faster and updates will go smoother when you have cable markers in place.


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