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Signs Speak for Your Business

Evaluate Glossy And Matte Options For Your Vinyl Banner

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A vinyl banner can be a valuable piece of signage to display in many locations, including outside of stores, at outdoor public events, and at trade shows. If you're planning to order a vinyl banner with custom wording and images on it, you'll want to talk to your custom sign company about the various options that are available to you. Often, you'll need to decide whether you want your banner to have a glossy finish, a matte finish, or include a bit of both of these styles. Here are some points to think about before you place your custom banner order.


A glossy finish on the banner is a highly desirable look for many people. Glossy banners have a noticeable shine, which can be important if you want to ensure that your banner catches people's attention. Think about where you'll be hanging your banner. At an indoor event that is well lit, the glossy finish of the banner can seem even brighter under the lights, which can help to increase its visibility from a distance. The colors that you want on the banner can also indicate whether you should choose a glossy look. If your banner will have metallic-looking silver and gold hues on it, for example, glossy is a good choice because it will make these colors sparkle.


While many people favor glossy finishes on their banners, matte can also look good in many applications. Matte products often have a sleek, modern look to them. If you've ever noticed a vehicle that has a matte wrap on it, you've likely found that this look stands out because it's different than most of the vehicles on the road. In an environment with lots of glossy banners, a matte banner can attract attention. If you use matte finishes in your company's branding, a matte vinyl banner can also be a good visual fit to consider.

Glossy And Matte

There are scenarios in which you may want a vinyl banner that includes both glossy and matte elements. Talk to your custom sign company to learn how this might be possible. For example, if the vinyl banner material has a glossy finish and the sign company can print with matte ink, you'll get a banner that has matte lettering over a glossy background. The contrast can be evident and can help to make your banner stand out. Don't hesitate to ask to see examples of each of these three banner styles so that you can get a sense of which will suit you best.


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