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Signs Speak for Your Business

Custom Interior Signs To Order For Your Church

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When you need to order custom signage for your church, you might start by thinking of the large exterior signage that you want on the building and elsewhere on the property. Monument signs, in particular, can be valuable in this application, and you may also favor a digital screen on the sign to provide information to passersby's. It's important to also think about what interior signs you want. Whether your building currently lacks the necessary interior signage, or its interior signs need updating, a custom sign company can produce what you need. Here are some examples of useful interior signage for a church.

Directional Signs

It's common for churches, especially when they're large, to have numerous directional signs mounted on the walls throughout the building. You might have several of these signs in your lobby that direct visitors to the various rooms in the church, and additional directional signs at the intersections of various hallways. For example, you may want signs that direct people to the choir room, the Sunday School room, the vestry, and many more. You can design these signs to feature the appropriate wording and an arrow, as well as a small rendering of your church logo.

List of Groups

It's common for churches to run all sorts of groups in which their members can participate. If you're eager to let visitors and new members know about all of these groups, consider having your sign company produce a relevant custom sign. You can hang this sign in the lobby of your building so that anyone who enters will see it. You might favor a slogan about getting involved in the church, and then a bulleted list of the groups that are available. This list could include the youth group, community outreach group, and more.


A lot of churches select a particular line of scripture and use it in lots of ways. For example, this line might appear on your letterhead, your church employees' business cards, on the banner of your website, and more. Given the importance of this line, it can be nice to order a custom sign that features it. Your sign company can suggest all sorts of interior signage styles that will help this line to stand out. For example, you might favor backlit letters that you mount directly to the wall. You can then mount the sign in a prominent place in the lobby of your building so that people can see it and reflect on it as they enter.

For more information about custom signs, contact a custom sign company in your area.


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