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Signs Speak for Your Business

Useful Advice When Selecting Channel Mount Holders For Plastic Signs

Lisa Hale

If you plan on putting smaller signs along shelves that have channels, you'll need to get channel mount holders to support them. Manufacturers can make these holders in different ways, but your selection will work great if you follow these suggestions.

Add Your Company Logo on the Front

If you want to get more use out of channel mount holders for plastic signs, then one thing you can do is brand them in the front with your company logo. So, in addition to these holders keeping smaller signs in place along channels of shelving, you can continue to promote your company.

You just need to be meticulous with the logo design you use because you only have so much space to work with. Also, make sure you work with a channel mount holder manufacturer that accepts these custom requests and can support them in a professional way.

Opt for the Pre-Assembled Variety

Whenever you plan on ordering a lot of channel mount holders for plastic signage, it's a good idea to go the pre-assembled route because this simplifies the installation process. Rather than having to put small pieces together, the mount holders will be ready to go coming out of manufacturing.

You can then easily get these channel mount holders on shelving with channels and then proceed to put signage on them. Again, you just need to find a channel mount holder manufacturer that offers the pre-assembled variety.

Carefully Work Out the Length

You can purchase channel mount holders in different lengths. Being accurate with this spec is important because it's going to ensure your company signs are properly supported on shelves that have channels. Start with taking into account the size of the signs that you're supporting.

Find out their width and length dimensions so that you can get channel mount holders that properly support these measurements. Also, pay attention to the channel mount size. You need to verify it will fit inside your shelving's channels perfectly to where there isn't any movement. Some channel mounts have a universal design in this regard, which would help simplify this search.

If you want to display company signs along the aisles of shelving with channels, focus on getting quality channel mount holders that have useful features. That's going to ensure your signs remain well-supported and also look their best when being used to promote something temporarily or on an ongoing basis.

Reach out to a company that supplies channel mount plastic sign holders for more information. 


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