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Signs Speak for Your Business

3 Reasons To Retrofit Your Sign With LED Lighting

Lisa Hale

If your illuminated store sign serves as a beacon to draw customers to your establishment, you want to make sure you get optimal value and effectiveness out of that sign. Before you simply replace dead halogen bulbs, however, consider the following three reasons to retrofit your sign with LED lighting instead.

1. LED Lighting Saves Energy and Money

LED lights use energy much more efficiently than the halogen lights that are typically installed in older signs. A typical LED light requires 85 percent less energy to burn at the same brightness as its halogen equivalent. LED lights also transform most of the energy they receive into heat, while halogen lights waste most of it as heat.

Ask your local energy company whether LED sign light retrofitting will qualify you for a rebate. This reward for your responsible energy usage could make a nice supplement to the money you save on your monthly electric bills.

2. Retrofits Involve Minimal Installation Time and Cost

Many LED bulbs will readily fit into fixtures originally designed to hold halogen bulbs. As a result, a skilled signage installation team can retrofit your sign within a matter of hours as long as the other components don't require replacement or repair. The ease and speed of installation should reduce your labor costs significantly.

Keep in mind that your sign can't attract customers as effectively while it remains out of commission. The sooner you can get it lit up and running again, the sooner you can get back to promoting your business and making sales. A same-day LED sign light retrofitting job can help you achieve that goal.

3. LED Lights Offer Longevity, Reliability, and Safety

LED sign lights can burn far longer than traditional halogen lights. If you've gotten used to changing your halogens every couple of years, you'll appreciate the fact that LED lights can burn for up to 50,000 hours, compared to just 12,000 hours for a typical halogen light.

The glass tubing in halogen lights can easily sustain damage from everyday vibrations, while the high voltage they require increases the risks of circuit failures and fires. Plastic LED lights offer greater durability as well as greater safety due to the significantly lower voltage they draw from the sign's electrical fixtures.

LED sign light retrofitting doesn't always make sense for every situation. For instance, an inspection might reveal that your lighting fixtures have reached the end of their usable lifespan, forcing you to replace the sign instead of retrofitting it. Contact a local signage company such as Cardinal Sign Corporation to schedule a professional evaluation.


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