Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

  • 3 Reasons To Retrofit Your Sign With LED Lighting

    If your illuminated store sign serves as a beacon to draw customers to your establishment, you want to make sure you get optimal value and effectiveness out of that sign. Before you simply replace dead halogen bulbs, however, consider the following three reasons to retrofit your sign with LED lighting instead. 1. LED Lighting Saves Energy and Money LED lights use energy much more efficiently than the halogen lights that are typically installed in older signs.

  • 3 Things To Consider When Sizing Your Signs

    Signs are an effective tool that businesses can use to communicate with consumers. The right type of signage can draw in potential customers or ensure that sales quotas are met. One of the decisions you will need to make when investing in new signs for your business is the size of each sign will be. Sizing signs can be challenging, but there are three things that you can take into consideration to help you determine which size will best meet your needs.

  • Useful Advice When Selecting Channel Mount Holders For Plastic Signs

    If you plan on putting smaller signs along shelves that have channels, you'll need to get channel mount holders to support them. Manufacturers can make these holders in different ways, but your selection will work great if you follow these suggestions. Add Your Company Logo on the Front If you want to get more use out of channel mount holders for plastic signs, then one thing you can do is brand them in the front with your company logo.

  • Custom Interior Signs To Order For Your Church

    When you need to order custom signage for your church, you might start by thinking of the large exterior signage that you want on the building and elsewhere on the property. Monument signs, in particular, can be valuable in this application, and you may also favor a digital screen on the sign to provide information to passersby's. It's important to also think about what interior signs you want. Whether your building currently lacks the necessary interior signage, or its interior signs need updating, a custom sign company can produce what you need.

  • Why Channel Letter Signs Are An Outstanding Marketing Tool For Your Brand

    As a business owner, you definitely want to extend your customer base and also stand out. Nonetheless, this requires some more effort, particularly in marketing. But as you market your company, you need to consider the marketing methods with outstanding results. Channel letter signs are usually a terrific marketing tool. They are usually three-dimensional, and a heavy-duty material is used when designing each letter or number. Aluminum is the commonly used material because it's typically rust-proof.

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