Signs Speak for Your Business

Signs Speak for Your Business

  • Five Loud, Bold Fonts That Are Great for Banner Signs

    If you're going to go through the effort of having a banner sign made for your business, then you want to make sure it gets its message across loud and clear. These bold, boisterous fonts have plenty of attitude and are thus perfect for your banner sign. HDV Comic Serif This font has a friendly attitude, but it's certainly bold enough to get the point across. Its rounded letters may remind you of Comic Sans, but the addition of serifs (the little lines on the edges of the letters) make it look much more serious than this often-mocked counterpart.

  • Key Terms Associated With Custom Signs You Should Know Before Ordering

    Regardless of what type of business it is you run, custom signs are a crucial aspect of advertising and marketing. If you are like a lot of business owners, a custom sign shop is not within reach locally and you will turn to a reputable online company for the signs you need. Before you place an order for a new sign designed to your specifications, there are a few key terms you should expect to encounter.

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    Signs Speak for Your Business

    Hi. My name is Midge Holly. I owned a small arts and crafts supply store for over twenty years. During those years, I saw many changes, including the World Wide Web come into play for businesses. People scrambled to learn how to make a basic website. A few years later, they were learning to make more complex sites. Then came online sales and shopping cart programs. It was all fun and exciting, and I was right up there with the others. However, there is something that didn't change in my years of retails sales. That is the importance of signs for your business. Your business's sign is the hallmark of your business. It catches the eye of those passing by; it is what people remember you by. I want to share more about signs and their value. I hope you find this to be helpful information.